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Cjau Morgoth. My name is Amnon Shavit, I'm from Tel Aviv, Israel. I do not speak Lombard, but owing to my basic knowledge of French, Spanish (Castilian) and Portuguese, I manage to understand a certain portion of it (when written. I can only guess how it sounds).

As part of my study for a Master's degree in Geography, I'm currently researching Regional (as opposed to National) Identities of Europe, focusing on the use of web 2.0 applications, such as Wikipedia, as a means of promoting such identities.

I would like to gather some information regarding your language and the cultural identity related to it. Therefore I'd be grateful to anyone who can provide me with such information and discuss some ideas and issues openly. If you're willing to take part in this research, please contact me, preferably in English, through my discussion page, or by email: Needless to say, all communication is for academic purposes only.

Thanks in advance. --Amnon s 11:41, 27 setembər 2007 (UTC)

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