Cuurdinàde: 46°52′N 7°7′E

Stema de Courtepin
Canton Friburgo
Distret See
Cuurdinaa  46°52′N 7°7′E
Popolazion 3 379 ab.  (Al Dic 2011)
Superfis 4.08 km²
Altitüden 578 m
Còdas postal 1784
LocalitaaCourtepin, Courtaman
Cumün tacaaBarberêche, Gurmels, Misery-Courtion, Wallenried
Courtepin (Switzerland)
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Courtepin a l'è un cumün svizzer del distret de See (in frances: District du Lac), in del Canton Friburgo. La süperfiss del teritori del cumün l'è de 4.08 km² e in del Dicember 2011 al gh'eva una popolazion de 3379 abitant.

El cumün de Courtepin al se tröva a una altitüden de 578 meter sura al livel del mar e l'è tacaa ai cumün de Barberêche, Gurmels, Misery-Courtion, Wallenried.

It was first recorded in 1259 as Courtipin. The German name Curtepy is depecrated.

The municipality had 140 inhabitants in 1811, which increased to 187 in 1850, 287 in 1900, 447 in 1950, 1326 in 1990 and 1626 in 2000. Its territory was enlarged in 2005 with the formerly independent municipality Courtaman.


  Distret del Canton Friburgo